Question You Should Ask Nurses

Question You Should Ask Nurses

General idea about nurses is that they are there to serve doctors and that they have no knowledge about anything about medicine apart from reading prescriptions and giving injections. But, nurses are far more than that.

Doctors treat patients and their interaction with them ends there. Nurses are there to take care of patients to serve them as best as they can. They are there to talk with patients, answer their questions and in general to make a connection with them. Main issue is that patients are not asking those questions and instead of that they speculate and they seek answers from other sources, sources that might or might not provide exact info they want.

“Ask a legal nurse” is a blog that will try to erase the misconception about the role of the nurses. There are many things nurses are there to provide, and lack of knowledge creates a gap between nurses and patients, a gap that shouldn’t exist.

Our main goal is to explain that nurses are there to ask all questions asked by patients.

A nurse is the patients advocate if they have some concerns about their care, but a nurse is there for any other concerns that might trouble the patient. Majority of people avoid asking questions because they believe that they might sound stupid and that they should know the answer, and that it is the opinion of everyone else. This couldn’t be more wrong. Nurses possess a lot of knowledge about their patients and about general things they are expected to know and they are able to answer majority of questions that a patient might ask.
Patients fail to realize that they can ask the nurse about their condition. The knowledge about their state might calm them down and reduce the amount of stress they have, but many people think that it is a sign of weakness. Nurses are there to comfort you and bring you all relevant information about your condition. And they are there to talk to you if you need someone.
A nurse knows about the doctor, and asking about his qualification is a good way to build a connection between a doctor and the patient. And this is a good starting point in conversation with a nurse. You don’t have to wait in silence, not knowing anything about the doctor and anything else concerning your condition. Find a nurse that is free at the moment and start talking with her, you will find her pleasant and responsive.

Many patients get nervous if they have to wait for a longer period of time. Their first thought is that they are sicker than they have thought. Easiest way to find about prolonged waiting is to ask a nurse about that. She will tell you what made the wait longer, and in the most cases it will be some tests that take a bit more time to come.

Some patients also question the sincerity of the answers they might get from the nurses, but the common knowledge is that nurses will not lie to you, they might sugarcoat some bad news, but you will get them.

Find The Cure For Your Illness On The Internet

Find The Cure For Your Illness On The Internet

Not so long ago, my friend asked me to look some mark on his back, after we played basketball. I didn’t know what that was but we weren’t thinking so much about it. The next day, we had another game and after the match, while we were in the changing room, I noticed that he has another similar mark on his neck.

I told him, that he should go to a dermatologist. He said that he didn’t need to go and that he would search on Google his problem.

I knew that his idea is bad because one of my friends once searched on Google his problem and he was terrified. He was wrong as well, but the fear and despise that he felt after he went on this website was enormous. It is usual for people to feel like this, especially when we talk about genital problems. But back to my first friend. As I said, he didn’t go to the dermatologist and he searched his problem online. He found out that he has severe skin illness which name I cannot remember because it is a very complicated name. It starts with a P, I think. But the main problem was that he didn’t have that illness. That illness was more psychological, and he had something different. He found about that after he went to a dermatologist. His problem was that he had a common flu, but his expression was different. You see after your immunity is down, there are some circumstances when regular flu virus can express differently. In 2% of situations, some people have marks on their bodies if their immunity is low and if they catch flu virus. It isn’t a serious problem and the marks will disappear between four and eight weeks. It depends on how soon you will boost your immunity.

So you see, my friend was a fool because he believed in unreliable source instead he looked for a medical service. But I understand him since a lot of people don’t like to go to doctors because they don’t think that can handle bad news. They probably think that can do better if they find solution online in the privacy of their home. And that is reasonable because our society had been modernized so much, that you can find almost everything online today, including diagnose and therapy for your illness. But you must be aware where to look. You shouldn’t go on some websites where Mr. know is predicting your diagnose wrong or worse, when you find some doctor who is unregistered or unlicensed.


A much better solution is to ask a legal nurse. When you ask a legal nurse you will find all answers to your problems about health.

You can ask about skin problems, you can ask about pinched nerve and neck services, you can ask about headaches… anything that is on your mind. And more importantly, you will get a good treatment and the right therapy. It is much simpler, especially for those who have problems with visiting a doctor. And you could save some money as well.